Covid 19 Procedures and Guidelines

The Paddle Shack has an overriding duty of care to safeguard you, our staff and general public by reducing risk of transfer of COVID-19. The following information provides a comprehensive policy and sets in place procedures that follow current guidelines and best practice identified by the UK Government and drawing upon good practice from our awarding body, ASI, as well as guidance from the Adventurous Activities Licensing Service (AALS) and Public Health England (PHE)

We welcome the opportunity to share with you our good practice and have provided the following document which gives a more detailed overview of our protocols and procedures.

The Paddle Shacks opening operations

In light of government guidance and relevant restrictions placed upon activity providers like ourselves, The Paddle Shack will be able to provide the following activities:

  • Lessons, and short tours in a small group (maximum six people)

  • If there are more than 6 in your group we can accommodate you in two separate groups, led by two separate instructors within a 10 minute relay period of one another to prevent a congregation of people at the departure point.

  • Hire of stand-up paddleboards in a small group (maximum six people)

Booking activities with us

To ensure the welfare of you, our staff and, the general public we have minimised contact with multitouch surfaces, developed social distancing measures and streamlined all of our bookings to a contactless process.

What this means for you: Online

  • All bookings will be made prior to the session by email at or filling out our contact page on our website at

  • Payment & completion of our Acknowledgment of Risk Waiver must be made electronically prior to your arrival (please ensure that your email address is correct and accessible to be able to complete this task) we will use this information to contact you in a track and trace scenario – ensure that spectators in your group also sign the waiver for this reason – all your information will be stored in accordance with the 2014 Data protection act.

What this means for you:

It is possible to book directly at the kiosk on Dartmouth’s South Embankment however, we are now paperless.

  •  We ask that when booking at our kiosk a 2 meter social distance is maintained to keep our staff safe

  • Contactless payment only

Meeting us at Coronation Park

To enable us to carry out good practice, consistently ensure the welfare of you and our staff we must adhere to a more structured running of the our operation from the park this will impact upon how we manage social distancing and disinfection of equipment. Thoroughly sanitising our equipment takes time and we will be running lessons and hire on specific slots; this also enables us to maintain social distancing between groups and individuals. We will be relaying a sessions at 15 minute intervals to stop congestion of people on the park.


To enable us to operate safely all our equipment will be disinfected before use and will be laid out on the park for you to use. At the end of the session all the boards will be dropped back at the park and disinfected once again.

  • Please do not touch other people’s equipment without the use of sterile gloves

  • Do not swap equipment unless a member of staff is aware and in which case they will be very happy to swap your equipment for you using appropriate PPE.

All our equipment will be thoroughly disinfected, but the points of contact that will be paid special attention too:


  • Handles

  • Deck-pad


  • T handle

  • Shaft


  • Velcro strap

Buoyancy aids (BA)

  • Buckles

  • Resizing strap

  • Any part of the buoyancy aid which has contact with skin

Rash vest and wetsuits

  • We will have limited rash vests and wetsuits available and we ask that you bring your own equipment where possible. However if you do need to use a rash vest or wetsuit it will need to be deposited in a disinfectant bath (provided) after the session.

Waterproof bags

  • Buckles


What this means for you

  • Arrive at your allotted time slot

  • You will need to change outside

  • We will be unable to take any items from you and store them in our trailer but please ask a member of staff to do so for you as they will use appropriate PPE and it prevents an accumulation of people by the trailer.

  • There will be public toilets on site – please wash and sanitise your hands with antiviral hand gel before and after entering – as the Paddle Shack reserves no responsibly for the hygiene and cleanliness of this facility.

  • Prior to touching anything when you arrive at the park we require you to sanitise your hands using provided antiviral hand gel

  • If you are late, even if the hire, lesson or tour slot has not left, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to join in with that session

  • If you are late or miss your slot, we will endeavour to reschedule your booking to the most immediate time slot – there is no guarantee that it will be the very next one

  • To avoid disappointment please on time!

  • If you are booked onto an adventure SUP session – please bring your own food – waterproof bags will be provided for you to put your belonging in and stored under your bungy


Maintaining Social Distancing

When on the park we require you to follow our clearly marked social distancing measures, this entails;

  • Maintain 2m exclusion zones

  • The boards will be set out upon your arrival on the grass in the park and there will be 2 meters between each board. Please do not move your equipment until requested to do so.

During your activity

Ultimately while out on the water we expect you to maintain social distancing and expect the following behaviour during lessons, tours, and hire:

  • Respect social distancing with people outside of your group and our staff when hiring our water sports equipment

  • Follow your instructors’ directions to maintain a two-meter separation between paddlers when out on the water

  • If anybody shows signs or symptoms of Covid 19 then themselves and anybody with them will be asked to cease the activity immediately and be advised to do a covid 19 test.

  • During the safety briefing self rescue techniques will be taught to reduce the risk of contact to our instructors – however all our instructors are first aid trained and will carry appropriate PPE and a first aid kit to ensure that they can perform a rescue and deliver first aid in an emergency situation.

It is important to understand that while minor infringements can occur due to control of your craft during a lesson or tour, however, if the instructor feels that their welfare is consistently compromised, they have the right to withdraw the group to the beach and suspend the session.

After the Activity

To help ensure the wellbeing of future customers and staff we require customers to adhere to the following:

  • Used equipment will be deposited in the park – buckets of disinfectant will be present for you to deposit your buoyancy aids and any rash vests/ wetsuits in.

  • Use hand sanitising gel before leaving us

  • Let us know if you show signs or test positive for COVID-19 within a 14 day period after visiting the Paddle Shack using the following email:

  • Staff only – whilst putting equipment away back on the trailer – ensure that gloves are worn and social distancing is maintained. – all locks to be disinfected after contact has been made – instructors to use their designated equipment – do not share or swap equipment.




COVID-19 Safety Paddle Shack Guidelines




The health and safety of staff, instructors, and clients is paramount.


The Paddle shack ensures that staff and participants:


  • maintain a safe distance

  • that there is good hygiene practices in place

  • equipment is disinfected regularly

  • record keeping is in place to allow for tracing

  • anyone who's symptomatic or suspects they've been exposed to the virus does not take part and remains at home.

If you would like some more detail on our Covid 19 procedures and operation please read the following:

The Paddle Shack Operating GUIDELINES



Social Distancing

Participants and others can maintain a safe distance as required by government in your country (eg 1.5 metres, 2 metres).

Abide by group sizes as regulated by government.

Instructor keeps distance from students.  At registration, in the water and on the land.

Students keep distance from each other.  At registration, in the water and on the land.

Monitor at all times.

Remove students from water who do not comply.

Implement social distancing for people checking into the activity, entry and exit to from activity areas.



Good Hygiene

Good hygiene practices are in place.

Provide hand sanitiser and disinfectant. 

Changing rooms should not be used until cleansing regimes are in place.



Anyone who's symptomatic or suspects they've been exposed to the virus does not take part and remains at home.


Equipment and Clothing

Equipment is disinfected regularly.

All boards, leashes and clothing is disinfected immediately prior to handing over to clients. 

Use gloves to handover equipment (kitchen gloves are ok).

All equipment is disinfected immediately after the session, when the clients hands back the equipment.

Students can bring their own gear. Instructor to check equipment as per normal, but do not handle the boards, leashes, paddles. 
Students to carry own gear / or instructors can carry gear ensuring hygiene measures are in place.



Ask students to bring their own gear.  Check their equipment as per normal, but do not handle the boards, leashes, paddles unless gloves are worn.

Equipment provided by you is be disinfected prior to use.  Use kitchen gloves to hand to students.  Students to carry own board.  Disinfect kitchen gloves after use.

Or you can carry disinfected boards to the shore line, using gloves.  Student then handles the boards themselves.


Lesson finish:  ask students to leave boards on the park.  You can then use gloves to disinfect before putting away / on trailer



Activity Procedures


Make sure students are aware of and understand signals to return to shore, go left, right, emergency signals etc.



  • Advise participants they must be able to swim and self rescue themselves (due to social distancing rules).

  • In the safety briefing, focus on self rescue skills, if client falls off the board, they must be able to get themselves back onto the SUP board safely.  Reiterate techniques.




Communicate with clients about hygiene standards and social distancing measures and other expectations for participating in the activity.



Be inclusive to those who need support be active.

Also consider:

SUP. In the safety briefing, focus on self rescue skills, if client falls off the board, they must be able to get themselves back onto the board safely.


Contact Tracing

Keep a record of everyone who is participating in your activity (including non-paddlers) if they are in close contact and/or assisting in the unloading/loading phases), so that if anyone does get sick, rapid contact tracing can take place. 

Waiver forms can be used to keep track of participants. If non paddlers are present we will add them to the waiver form


Sensitivity to the Area and its Natural Life:

A prolonged lack of human activity on the water has allowed nature to reclaim its habitat. We have heard stories that they may be more territorial than usual and may not share our excitement about our return and behave aggressively.    Be on alert.

Also respect any and all wildlife and try to protect them as much as possible from your human activity.


A prolonged lack of human activity on the water has allowed nature to reclaim its habitat. They may need to be protected from harm by us. They may also not share our excitement about our return and behave aggressively.




Respect of Other Water Users

Lots of other water users will be excited about returning to the water after a prolonged spell. Please respect them and demonstrate a willingness to share.


Sensitivity To How The Public Perceive Outdoor Activities:

During lockdown the general public may not agree with people returning to the water.

Put your best foot forward and demonstrate to everybody you are acting in a responsible manner and running professional operations.


Local Laws

Stay up to date with local laws.  Check your waterways as some may be open but others may not.  If you are not sure if the waterway you are using is open, contact the waterway authority or private landowner.

Beaches may also not be open or have restricted access.    Lifeguards may or may not be operating.


COVID Government Regulation Restrictions

Stay up to date with COVID restrictions.

Check your local news and government directives on lockdown restrictions and easing. 

Each country, region and even cities may have different restrictions in relation to outdoor exercise and how many people can be in a group.





School owner to:


  • Check and monitors instructors prior to each session.  Must not work if they have COVID19 or flu like symptoms.

  • Provide ability for instructors to wash hands regularly.

  • Provide gloves (eg kitchen gloves) so that instructor can wear gloves when handing over equipment.

  • Provide disinfectant and means to disinfect all gear, so that all gear is disinfected prior to being distributed to clients.  And disinfected immediately again when returned by client.


Instructor’s personal circumstances may differ (eg low immunity, etc) and affect their ability to deliver sessions, even with the safety standards in place. 


Instructors must notify employer well in advance if they are not feeling well, do not want to deliver sessions because of personal health reasons.








At  The Paddle shack we are now operating, providing an opportunity to exercise in the outdoors.   We are an ASI accredited school and have high standards in place to ensure the safety of our clients.


We ask that all client’s sign the waiver disclaimer stating they do not have any COVID19 or flu symptoms and agree to abide by social distancing at all times.


We operate to the required group sizes for outdoor activities, with measures in place so instructors and students maintain social distancing at all times in and off the water.  Any person displaying flue like symptoms will not be allowed to participate in activities.

Hand sanitiser is provided for clients.  All equipment and clothing is disinfected prior to being used by you, and disinfected immediately after use.


Clients are also welcome to bring their own equipment and clothing. 






The below government websites provide current guidance including what you can and can’t do.



World Health Organisation:






United Kingdom



Guidance statement for personal trainers and coaches on the phased return of sport and recreation in England


Sport England - Sport and physical activity sector guidance






Northern Ireland





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